A Journal of Extraeuropean Studies, founded by Prof. Vittorio Antonio Salvadorini (University of Pisa)

Editor: Giovanni Armillotta

Class “A” Italian Journal (National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes)

Since 2003 to date «Africana» entered among fourteen Italian journals reviewed by «Index Islamicus» (f. 1906) of University of Cambridge
[«Index Islamicus» 2001, A bibliography, articles and reviews on Islam and the Muslim world, The Syndics of the University Library, Cambridge 2003, Brill, Leiden-Boston, p. xxiv]

«Africana» it’s a refereed journal

From N. XXIII (2017) contributions with two or more authors are no longer allowed

From N. XXVI (2020) no more than two contributions in non-Italian languages are allowed per number

«Africana», XXVII (2021), € 15,00

The No. XXVIII is expected to last two months of 2022



Twentyfive-year Indices 1994/95-2019