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Armillotta discovers other five unknown Albanian medals
The 1993 bronzes of Chess Junior Men National Team
Interviewed by Olti Buzi (April 4th, 2009)

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Official RSSSF Site covering
the history of Albanian Football
from 1913 until the present


edited by Dr. Besnik Dizdari,
the Doyen of “France Football” Ballon d’Or International Jury

For its history and statistical data and photos about Albanian Footballo
go to Besnik Dizdari’s books

Kombëtarja won Rothmans Football
International Tournament 2000

The Lexicon of All Time Albanian Football Clubs

The speech of Kosovar Driton Latifi at the World Conference of sports media that was held in 2000 in Copenhagen (Denmark)



The first international match (1913)
Indipendenca Shkodër-Austro Hungarian Imperial Navy 1-2

Sportklub Tiranë won six Albanian Championships (1930-1937)
A 30s Sportklub team

The first non-Tiranë Champion of Albania (1933)
Skënderbeu Korçë, Champion of Albania

Albanian Winners in Italy during 1941-42 Football Season
Naim Krieziu (Winner of Italian National Championship with AS Roma)

Riza Lushta (Winner of Italy Cup with FC Juventus)

Riza Lushta and his three goals against Milan (1942)
Juventus Torino-Milan 4-1 (replay of the final of Italy Cup)

first final: Milan-Juventus 1-1

The first Albanian Championship after the Second World War (1945)
Vllaznia Shkodër, Champion of Albania

Albania "National Representative" (Kombëtarja)
won Balkan Championship (1946)
Albania-Bulgaria 3-1 (Kombëtarja)

Albania-Bulgaria 3-1 (Loro Boriçi, 65th, 2-1)

Albania-Romania 1-0 (Kombëtarja)

Albania-Romania 1-0 (Qamil Teliti, 55th)

Loro Boriçi (1922-1984)

Vllaznia twice (1946)
Prof. Anton Mazreku and the Captain of Vllaznia Shkodër

Friendly match against "disguised" Great Hungary (1948)
XI of Tirana-XI of Budapest 3-1

Balkan and Central Europe Championship (1948)
The first away victory of Albania
Romania-Albania 0-1 (Kombëtarja)

Romania-Albania 0-1 (Loro Boriçi in action)

Romania-Albania 0-1 (the two National Representatives)

Balkan and Central Europe Championship (1948)
Albania against Puskas & Co. (1948)
Albania-Great Hungary 0-0 (Hungarian goalkeeper Toth while saves 0-0)

Friendly matches
Albania-Poland 0-0 (1950: Kombëtarja)

Albania-Poland 2-0 (1953: Hamdi Bakalli and Simon Deda)

Albania-German Democratic Republic 1-1 (1958)

Partizani home début in European Cups (1961)
First edition of Balkan Clubs Cup: Partizani-Levski Sofia 2-0

The finals of Leipzig Army (1958) and Hanoi (1963) "Spartakiadas",
Champion Clubs' Cups of Communist States

Début round in European Championship (1963)
Albania-Denmark 1-0

Début in World Cup (1964)
Holland (The Netherlands)-Albania 2-0 (Kombëtarja)

Partizani in Champion Clubs Cup (1964)
Partizani Tiranë-1. FC Köln 0-0 (first leg: Panajot Pano in action)

second leg: 1. FC Köln-Partizani 2-0

Albania eliminates Northern Ireland
from World Cup (1965)
Albania-Northern Ireland 1-1 (Bashkim Rudi, Pat Jennings and Mexhid Haxhiu)

17 Nëntori in Balkan Clubs Cup (1966)
17 Nëntori Tiranë-Rapid Bucharest (Romania) 1-2 (Group 2)

Albania eliminates world vice-champions of Federal Republic of Germany
from European Champhionship (1967)
Albania-Federal Republic of Germany 0-0 (Kombëtarja)

Albania-Federal Republic of Germany 0-0 (Referee doesn't see Albanian goal)

Albania-Federal Republic of Germany 0-0 (Panajot Pano in action)

Albanian début in Cup Winners Cup (1968)
Partizani Tiranë-Torino Calcio 1-0 (first leg)

second leg: Torino Calcio-Partizani 3-1

17 Nëntori in Champion Clubs Cup (1969)
17 Nëntori Tiranë-Standard Liège 1-1 (second leg: Skënder Hyka in action)

first leg: Standard Liège-17 Nëntori 3-0

17 Nëntori in Champion Clubs Cup against great Ajax  (1970)
17 Nëntori Tiranë-Ajax Amsterdam 2-2 (first leg: Medin Zhega in action)

second leg: Ajax-17 Nëntori 2-0

Some matches in European Championship (1971)
Albania-Poland 1-1 (Kombëtarja)

Albania-Turkey 3-0 (Ilir Përnaska in action)

In 1974-75 Labinoti (today Klubi Sportiv Elbasani) broke 1938-1974 Tiranë-Shkodër axis
in Albanian
Cup Republic (1975)

Albania "Under 21" (Shpresa)
wins "Under 21" Balkan Championship (1978)
Albania-Romania 7-1, final (Shpresa)

Albania-Romania 7-1 (Dashnor Bajaziti, 80th, 5-0)

Albania-Romania 7-1 (Loro Boriçi and Shyqyri Ballgjini)

Albania-Romania 7-1 (Triumphal round)

Vllaznia début in Champion Clubs Cup (1978)
Vllaznia Shkodër-Austria Wien 2-0 (first leg: Medin Zhega, 8th, 1-0)

Vllaznia Shkodër-Austria Wien 2-0 (first leg: Shyqyri Balgjini, 57th, 2-0)

second leg: Austria-Vllaznia 4-1

Partizani in Champion Clubs Cup (1979)
Partizani Tiranë-Celtic Glasgow 1-0 (first leg: Agim Murati's goal)

second leg: Celtic-Partizani 4-1

Kombëtarja return in an official match after 7 years, for World Cup (1980)
Albania-Finland 2-0 (Kombëtarja)

Partizani in Cup Winners Cup (1980)
Partizani-Malmö FF 0-0 (second leg)

first leg: Malmö FF-Partizani 1-0

Albania "Under 21" (Shpresa)
wins again "Under 21" Balkan Championship (1981)
Albania-Bulgaria 2-1, final (Shpresa)

Albania-Bulgaria 2-1 (Albania in action)

Partizani in Champion Clubs Cup (1981)
Partizani Tiranë-Austria Wien 1-0 (second leg)

first leg: Austria-Partizani 3-1

Dinamo début in UEFA Cup (1981)
Dinamo Tiranë-Carl Zeiss Jena 1-0 (first leg)

second leg: Carl Zeiss-Dinamo 4-0

The semifinal (second leg) of Balkan Cup (1982)
17 Nëntori Tiranë-Larisa 3-0 (the two Captains)

17 Nëntori Tiranë-Larisa 3-0 (an Agustin Kola's goal)

first leg: Larisa-17 Nëntori Tiranë 3-1

17 Nëntori in Champion Clubs Cup (1982)
in eighth final Albanians refused to play with Soviet Dinamo Kiev
17 Nëntori Tiranë-Linfield Belfast 1-0 (first leg: first half)

17 Nëntori Tiranë-Linfield Belfast 1-0 (first leg: Agustin Kola's goal, 74th)

Linfield Belfast-17 Nëntori Tiranë 2-1 (second leg, 17 Nëntori qualifies)

Dinamo in Cup Winners Cup (1982)
Dinamo Tiranë-Aberdeen 0-0 (second leg)

first leg: Aberdeen-Dinamo 1-0

Albania "Under 18" (e Rinisë)
qualified in Finnish Final
UEFA Youth Tournament (1982)
Cyprus-Albania 1-0 (all eleven; second leg)
first leg: Albania-Cyprus 4-0

Albania in European Championship (1982-1983)
Albania-Northern Ireland 0-0 (1982: an Agustin Kola's attack)

Albania-F.R. of Germany 1-2 (1983: Kombëtarja)

17 Nëntori in Cup Winners Cup (1983)
17 Nëntori Tiranë-Hammarby (Sweden) 2-1 (second leg)

first leg: Hammarby-17 Nëntori 4-0

Albania "Under 21" (Shpresa) qualifies to quarter-finals
of "Under 21" European Championship (1983)
Albania-Austria 3-0 (Arben Vila's goal, 75th)

Federal Republic of Germany-Albania 1-1 (first half, Mirel Josa's goal, 41th)

Federal Republic of Germany-Albania 1-1 (after Mirel Josa's goal)

Federal Republic of Germany-Albania 1-1 (second half, Sulejman Demollari's action)

Another... F.R. of Germany-Albania 2-1
from European Championship (1983)
Federal Republic of Germany-Albania 2-1 (Kombëtarja)

Federal Republic of Germany-Albania 2-1 (0-1, Genc Tomori's goal, 22nd)

Federal Republic of Germany-Albania 2-1 (Luan Vukatana, Arjan Hametaj and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge)

Federal Republic of Germany-Albania 2-1 (Kristaq Eksarko, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Luan Vukatana and Ferid Ragami)

Federal Republic of Germany-Albania 2-1 (Arjan Hametaj and Rudolf Völler)

In 1983-84 Labinoti (today Klubi Sportiv Elbasani) breaks 1934-1983 Tiranë-Shkodër axis
in Albanian Championship

Labinoti Elbasani, Champion of Albania

Albania beat Belgium 2-0 in World Cup (1984)
Albania-Belgium 2-0 (Kombëtarja)

Albania-Belgium 2-0 (Mirel Josa's goal, 69th)

Albania-Belgium 2-0 (Mirel Josa after his goal and Adnan Ocelli)

Albania-Belgium 2-0 (Vincenzo Scifo and  Mirel Josa)

Albania-Belgium 2-0 (Shqëlqim Muça and Sulejman Demollari)

Albania-Belgium 2-0 (Agustin Kola)

For the fist time Flamurtari won the Cup of Albanian (1985)
Flamurtari Vlorë, winners of Cup of Republic

Albania against Boniek's Poland in World Cup (1985)
Albania-Poland 0-1 (Kombëtarja)

Albania-Poland 0-1 (the two Captains: Muhedin Targaj and Zbigniew Boniek)

Dinamo in UEFA Cup (1985)
Dinamo Tiranë-Hamrun Spartans (Malta) 1-0 (first leg: the two Captains: Muhedin Targaj and George Xuereb)

Dinamo Tiranë-Hamrun Spartans (Malta) 1-0 (first leg: the 11 Albanian kickers; Dinamo qualifies in second leg)

second leg: Hamrun Spartans-Dinamo 0-0
Dinamo Tiranë-Sporting Lisboa 0-0 (first leg: Venancio and Eduard Abazi)

Sporting Lisboa-Dinamo Tiranë 1-0 (second leg: Sulejman Demollari and Pacheco)

17 Nëntori in Cup Winners Cup (1986)
17 Nëntori Tiranë-Dinamo Bucuresti 1-0 (first leg)

second leg: Dinamo-17 Nëntori 1-2
Malmö FF-17 Nëntori Tiranë 0-0 (second leg: M. Baçi, Larsson and A. Bimo)

first leg: 17 Nëntori Tiranë-Malmö FF 0-3

Flamurtari début in UEFA Cup (1986)
Flamurtari Vlorë-Barcelona 1-1 (first leg: Vasil Ruci)

second leg: Barcelona-Flamurtari 0-0

Flamurtari in UEFA Cup (1987)
Flamurtari Vlorë-Partizan Beograd 2-0 (first leg: Vasil Ruci)

second leg: Partizan-Flamurtari 2-1
Flamurtari-Wismut Aue (German Democratic Republic) 2-0 (second leg)

first leg: Wismut-Flamurtari 1-0
Flamurtari Vlorë-Barcelona 1-0 (second leg: Caldera, Solok Kushta, Schuster and Manolo)

first leg: Barcelona-Flamurtari 4-1

Albania "Under 18" (e Rinisë) in UEFA Youth Tournament (1988)
Albania-Bulgaria 1-0 (E Rinisë)

Albania-Bulgaria 1-0 (Alibali and Riza)

17 Nëntori in Champion Clubs Cup (1988)
17 Nëntori Tiranë at Valletta airport (three photos taken by Giovanni Nappi)

Friendly match (1989)
Albania-Greece 1-1 (the two Captains: Arben Minga and Mavridis)

Albania-Greece 1-1 (Lefter Millo)

17 Nëntori in Champion Clubs Cup (1989)
17 Nëntori Tiranë-Sliema Wanderers (Malta) 5-0 (Sinan Bardhi)

first leg: Sliema Wanderers-17 Nëntori 1-0

Dinamo in Cup Winners Cup (1989)
Dinamo Tiranë-Cernomorec Burgas (Bulgaria) 4-0 (second leg; the four bombers: Sulejman Demollari, Adrian Jançe, Eduard Abazi and Agim Canaj)

first leg: Cernomorec-Dinamo 3-1
Dinamo Tiranë-Dinamo Bucuresti 1-0 (first leg: after Agim Canaj's goal)

second leg: Dinamo B.-Dinamo T. 2-0

For the second time Albania "Under 18" (e Rinisë)
won silver medal to "Under 18" Balkan Championship (1990)
All "Shqipëria e Rinisë"

Dinamo in Champion Clubs Cup (1990)
Dinamo Tiranë-Olympique Marseille 0-0 (second leg: Arben Milori, Vercruysse and Ilir Sillo)

first leg: Olympique-Dinamo 5-1

Albania in European Championship (1991)
Albania-Iceland 1-0 (Kombëtarja)

For the fist time Flamurtari won the Albanian Championship (1991)
Flamurtari Vlorë, Champion of Albania

Flamurtari début in Champion Clubs Cup...
...another home goal elimination! (1991)
IFG Göteborg-Flamurtari 0-0 (first leg: the goalkeeper Refat Naço)

second leg: Flamurtari-IFK Göteborg 1-1 (Viktor Daullja 26th, Johnny Ekström 67th)

Albania in World Cup (1992)
Albania-Lithuania 1-0 (Kombëtarja)



The first match of National Representative of Republic of Kosova (1993)
Selection of Albania-Kosova 3-1 (Kombëtarja of Kosova)

A Legendary match: F.R. of Germany-Albania 4-3 (1997)
Albania lost after regular time!
55' 0-1, 64' 1-1, 73' 2-1, 80' 2-2, 86' 3-2, 88' 3-3, 91' 4-3
"La Gazzetta dello Sport" (Milan), October 12th, 1997

Kombëtarja won Rothmans Football International Tournament in Malta (2000)


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