The new book of Giovanni Armillotta: Almanaku i kategorisė sė dytė (1930/2008-09) dhe i futbollit shqiptar — Almanacco della Serie B (1930/2008-09) e del calcio albanese — Yearbook of Football Second National Level (1930/2008-09) and of Albanian Soccer

The first liberation of Kosova (April 1941)
Military and Historical Maps

Map 1: Italian deployment on the Albanian-Yugoslav front (on April 6th, 1941)

Map 2: Yugoslav deployment on the Albanian-Yugoslav front (on April 6th, 1941)

Map 3: Situation on the Albanian-Yugoslav front (on April 13th, 1941)

Map 4: The displacement of Italian troops operating on the Albanian-Yugoslav front (at h. 24:00 on April 18th, 1941); the glorious Italian 13th Regiment of Foot "Pinerolo", which freed Struga and West Albanian Macedonia

Map 5: General description of the Axis Powers' operations against Yugoslavia (April 1941)

Map 6: The partition of Yugoslavia (1941-1943)

Map 7: Albania and the Balkans (1941-1943)

Maps 1-6: From the Historical Office of General Staff of Italian Army
Map 7: CARTA DELLA GUERRA - Cartografia dell'Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche - Bergamo - Italia; 100 cm×140 cm (Armillotta Family Archive). It is divided in four scenarios: 1) India; 2) Indian and Pacific Oceans; 3) Russia; 4) Mediterranean Sea. In fourth scenario I scanned Albania and the Balkans after first Kosova liberation in 1941. I think this document perhaps be the unique not-Albanian world original map with Kosova, province of Albania.


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