The new book of Giovanni Armillotta: Almanaku i kategorisė sė dytė (1930/2008-09) dhe i futbollit shqiptar — Almanacco della Serie B (1930/2008-09) e del calcio albanese — Yearbook of Football Second National Level (1930/2008-09) and of Albanian Soccer

The first liberation of Kosova (April 1941)
Military and Historical Maps

The glorious Italian 13th Regiment of Foot “Pinerolo”, that freed Struga and West Albanian Macedonia

The displacement of Italian troops operating
on the Albanian-Yugoslav front (at h. 24:00 on April 18th, 1941)
From the Historical Office of General Staff of Italian Army

In South-East we see the glorious Italian 13th Regiment of Foot “Pinerolo”, which freed Struga and West Albanian Macedonia. The13th Regiment was the unique Italian one of the Balkans which has been decorated with Gold Medal Military Valour to Flag (writing out on it: “Ocrida, Bilishti, 8-18 aprile 1941”). I just served in 13th Regiment during 1977-78; its colours are the Albanian ones:

The badge of 13th Regiment of Foot "Pinerolo"

A column of Italian soldiers of 13th Regiment advancing to Struga