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The Letter of His Majesty, Norodom Sihanouk, King of Cambodia, sent for Giovanni Armillotta’s article about Cambodian international relations history 1970-1979

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Magisterial Degree in Political Sciences-Pisa University, got with legal full marks. PhD on Afro-Asian Countries History, International Relations and Institutions at Cagliari University. He took leave of the Italian Armed Forces with merit (Infantry: Pinerolo Brigade, 13th-14th Valbella Motorized Battalion). He was secretary at Presidency of Constitutional Affairs Committee of Italian Chamber of Deputies during the last times of XI Legislature (April-June 1987).
Responsible editor of «Africana», founded by Prof. Vittorio Antonio Salvadorini (University of Pisa): official organ of the Association of Extra-European Studies. «Africana» is one of the fifteen Italian periodicals reviewed by the «Index Islamicus» of the University of Cambridge.
Connoisseur on Afro-Asian Countries History and Institutions at the Political Sciences Faculty of Pisa University. Examinations commission member 2009-10 of Afro-Asian Countries History and Institutions, History of Africa, History of Asia, History of Americas I, Islamic Countries History (Political Sciences-Pisa University).
Responsible editor of architecture, world policy, history and sciences periodical «Metodo» (Pisa), founded by Prof. Pier Luigi Maffei (University of Pisa).
A world-famous Albanologist, and journalist. One of the only two scholars wrinting at same time for the three Italian geopolitican periodicals: «Eurasia», «Limes» and «Limes on line». He is one of the Africanists of «L’Osservatore Romano», the daily-paper of the Holy See.
He writes for some Italian and international periodicals: «Affari Esteri» (Rome, Quarterly Review patronized by Italian Foreign Affairs Minister), «Africa e Mediterraneo» (Bologna), «Balkanistica» (University of Mississippi, in University), «The Europa World Year Book» (London), «La Gazzetta dello Sport» (Milan), «il Grandevetro» (Santa Croce sull’Arno-Pisa), «Medioevo» (Milano), «Nuova Storia Contemporanea» (Rome), «OG Informazione» (Rome, Official organ of National Council of the Journalists Order of Italy), «Oriente Moderno» (Rome, Istituto per l’Oriente ‘Carlo Alfonso Nallino’),
«Politica» (Palermo),  «», «La porta d’Oriente» (Florence), «Relaciones Internacionales» (Universidad Nacional de La Plata), «Rivista Marittima» (Rome, the monthly review of Italian Navy since 1868: Minister of Defence), «Rosso Fiorentino» (Florence), «il Venerdģ di Repubblica» (Roma) and other specialized periodicals and dailies.
Studies on Afro-Asian Countries history and institutions, diplomacy, foreign policy and medieval, modern and contemporary history, they have led him to some works in the field of international relations. In April 2009 has been published I Popoli europei senza Stato. Viaggio attraverso le etnie dimenticate In 2007 he wrote: L’Angola e l’ONU. Dagli inizi della lotta di liberazione alla fine della guerra civile (1961-2002), Aracne, Roma. In 2001: Egitto. Affari esteri 1967-1986 (Egypt. Foreign Affairs 1967-1986), Pisa, Edistudio. A work of his I khmer rossi dal colpo di Stato di Lon Nol al periodo della ‘Cambogia Democratica’ (1970-1979) (Red Khmers since Lon Nol’s coup d’état to ‘Democratic Cambodia’ period [1970-1979]), Pisa, November 2000, was translated into English by Yale University. In 1994 he edited a critical miscellany in honour of the great Italian architect and stage-set-designer Antonio Valente, on the occasion of his hundredth birthday (see the book-review in «Corriere della Sera», March 3rd, 1995). He is also the author of the official (revised and corrected) winners list of the Saint Ranieri Pisan Historic Regatta: the most ancient fixed seat Italian competition; the winners list was officially adopted by the Italian Federation of Rowing-f.s., and by the Municipality of Pisa.


He won the First Prize to second edition of National Award Lidhja 2003 (Frascineto [Cosenza, Italy] June 18th, 2003: ‘K. Kastriota’ Social-Cultural Researches Association – ‘A. Bellusci’ International Library – «Lidhja», an Italian-Greek-Albanian Review, founded in 1980 and edited by Papàs Antonio Bellusci), with essay «Albanian Reality». The Review of Transition.
On March 6th-7th, 1998, he took part as a guest discussant in international seminar In search of a European conflicts resolution system: 1997 Albanian crisis case (in Pisa, S. Anna High School). On March 14th, 1998, he granted an interview on Kosova crisis to RAI-Radio and Television Italian State Service. In 1991 he submitted the introductory report to the international meeting The Albanians between the Balkans and the West. History and perspectives of a European ethnic minority (at Lungro, on April 23th).
He’s writing for Albanian and of Albanian language periodicals: «Bota Shqiptare» (Rome, Gazeta e shqiptarėve nė Itali), «Futbolli» (Tirana), «Futbolli Shqiptar Magazine» (Tirana), «Gazeta e Re» (Prishtinë), «Illyria News» (The Only Albanian-American Newspaper, New York), «The International Journal of Albanian Studies» (Columbia University, New York), «Noi Albanesi in Italia» (San Martino Siccomaro, Pavia), «Rrėnjėt» (Grottaferrata, Roma), «Sporti Shqiptar» (Tiranë), «Shqiptari i Italisë» (Rome), «TemA» (Tiranė). Albanian works of his are here.

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